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Limited Edition Girard Perregaux Ferrari 330/P4

Product Description

In 1967, Enzo Ferrari needed something big. His racing team faced humiliating defeats to Ford and their GT40 in the world's most prestigious arenas. He gave his designers free reign; no expense was spared. The 330/P4 was born. It easily crushed track records. In response to the 1966 Ford domination, the Ferrari 330/P4 won the 24 Hours of Daytona with a 1-2-3 finish. The 330/P4 marks the end of an era for Ferrari, elevating it to the status of legends. Just a few short years later, in need of funding, Enzo would sell half of his company to FIAT. To comply with new aerodynamic standards, Ferrari traded its traditional curvaceous design for those from a wind-tunnel. Ferrari Officially procured Girard Perregaux to create a timepiece that would pay homage to one of its most legendary cars, the swan song for the golden era of prototype racing for the most iconic name in motorsport. The limited edition Girard Perregaux 8028. The Ferrari 330/P4. Model 246 of 2000.

Black dial with red subdials, black crododile strap.

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