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"Hi Peter,

I just want to thank you for the stunning ring. When I opened the box, it was as beautiful as I had imagined. When I removed it from the box, however, it exceeded my expectations by a long-shot. I thought I would find an attractive--albeit typical--scroll pattern on the metal portion of the ring, so your Art Deco-inspired design blew me away. The ring is classic and gorgeous, yet somehow modern and edgy--EXACTLY what I wanted!
Not to be gauche, but I wouldn't be myself if I weren't, so here goes...I am certain that the time, care, and artistry that you put into my ring far outweighed your profit. Thanks for making me feel so special."


"I've been a customer of Generales & Generales for over 12 years. Peter and Sylvia Generales have an exceptional sense of style and elegance, which they express in the treasures that they offer. I always find the perfect gift in a price range I can afford. I have purchased gifts for family and friends, both men and women. They too have become loyal customers. Peter's custom work is astounding. I have on many occasions come in with an idea or sketch for a new piece of fine jewelry. Peter works with me to create the diamond rings, pendants, and most recently, earrings that I had envisioned. In the past few months, two of my dearest friends have had custom pieces created for them. I am excited to share my appreciation with people, so that they too can experience the true quality, fine workmanship, and exceptional customer care that define Generales & Generales."
-Heather D.


"Thank you for your expert repair, timely service, and hearing the opera background music."
-Jay G.


"I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I have been with you and Generales & Generales. The last ten years you have been my personal jeweler and I would not think of going anywhere else, whether I needed to overhaul and clean my Rolex Submariner, purchase an estate watch like the magnificent stainless steel Roles Daytona , or invest in a beautiful 18 karat gold family crest. Your honesty and integrity are always above reproach."
-Jerry T.


"I recently went to Generales and Generales looking for a retirement  gift for a close friend. I really had no idea what I was looking for but Sylvia and Peter were extremely helpful with suggestions and took time to help me find the perfect gift .  After finding the perfect earrings, they were able to make a beautiful matching pendant.  I couldnt be happier, not to mention the beautiful gift wrapping.   Both honest and professional,  Generales and Generales has made me a customer for life."                                                         -Cindy P.

"I bought a watch a couple of days ago for my son's 21st birthday.  The staff was extremely helpful and courteous in finding the perfect watch.  It needed sizing so we went back yesterday and they took care of it one the spot, no appointment necessary.  This was a wonderful experience."                                                                               -Alexander G.


"I consistently have an excellent experience with Generales & Generales.  I love that there is an array of high-end and hip jewelery.  The owners, Sylvia and Peter, and the staff are helpful, thoughtful, and friendly.  They will always work within your budget.  I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment."                                                       -Erica A.


"If you own a Rolex watch you MUST bring it here for a general service.  After 12 years my Rolex Sea Dweller stopped working.   The entire 12 years my watch ran a bit fast, which others had told me was "normal for a Rolex."  
After the technician replaced the spring it keeps PERFECTLY ACCURATE time and they cleaned and polished it to a gleaming SHOWCASE condition.  (All of the nicks and surface scratches were polished out and it still gleams!)

If you own a quality time piece, you owe it to yourself to have it working and looking its best and as far as I'm concerned, this is the only jeweler in town to do the job.  Generales & Generales = quality work, great prices and friendly service."                                    -N.H.